Service tests
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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Service tests

The first experimental plane «Concorde» 001, was build in France and performed its first flight on 2 March 1969.
But Concorde was left behind by the soviet plane TU-144, which first took off on 31st of  December 1968.  British Concorde 002 flew from Bristol, UK to the test center at Fairford on the 9th of April.
First flew was a real achievement of aviation at a time while for example an American  rival Boeing 2707-300_ had never took off from the ground and was left as a model, in spite of the vast sums of money put on it.

After this first Concordes – Concorde 001 and Concorde 002 –  four more were build, two preseries and two for service static tests and endurance life test.
On the 6th of Decembre 1973 from the factory in Toulouse flew the first serial Concorde. This one and three more Concorde planes were flying in arctic and tropic conditions to test their flight characteristics and performance figures. One of this first Concorde had made First “there and back” Atlantic crossing in one day on the 1st of September 1975.

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