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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Name: Concorde
Producer: Anglo-French consortium BAC-SNIAS
Country: France
Category: civil, passenger, long-distance
Additional data: Concorde – civil supersonic airliner - a joined work of English and French producers. 
English part made 2/3 part of all work on propulsion system, French about 60% of all glider and its system construction and design.
2nd  of March 1969 - First  flight of the Concorde (TU-144 first flew was on the 31st of December 1968).
Concorde had a series of modifications through all of his history to improve power and economy characteristics of the airliner. 
After the accident on the  July 5, 2000  Concorde is not flying any more. The last Concorde flight was on the 24th of October 2003.
For the 20 years of commercial flights Concordes have transported about 3.7 million passengers.
Engines: Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus 593 Mrk610 turbojet
Dimensions: wing span (m): 25.57
length of the aircraft (m): 61.66
Height of the aircraft (m):12.2
Wing area (sq.m.): 358.25
Seating capacity: crew: 3-4
Passengers: 125
Max: 144
Mass and load: take-off (ton): 185.00
Empty  and equipped (ton): 78.696
landing (ton): 111.130
pay load (kg): 11.340
Fly data: cruising speed (km/h): 15600
Take-off speed (km/h): 360
Loading speed (km/h): 300
Operation limit  (m): 18288
Take-off start (m): 1510

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