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Wednesday, 17 October 2007


A series of modifications and technical improvements has followed:
-  Engines  were improved, which helped to reduce it’s noise level and increase its economy.
- To decrease the level of oxide  nitrogen  action, that destroys ozone layer of the atmosphere,  were reduced height ranges of the flight and increased requirements  for the exhaust gas clearness. That was done due to the bringing down compression ratio of the Concordes engines.
- Concordes aerodynamics was improved, passenger cabin became better.

In the beginning of 1980s Concorde exploitation start to be profitable. In 1983 Air France profit was  3,1 millions $, next year - 6,3 millions. The profit margin was getting higher during the ensuing years. Starting from the year 1983 British airline “British Airways” average profit was 12-15 millions $.
After the first ten years of the Concorde exploitation Air France and British Airways had summed up impressive anniversary results -  for example, for the ten years of concord commercial flying Concorde has transported 620 000 passengers,  flew distance of about 70 million km. and was in a air 45 000 hours.

British Airways  for the decade took across the ocean  more then 800 000 passengers and was planning to exceed to the year 2000. This was the planning date of Concorde operation life end, and it was planned to be replaced by supersonic aircraft of the next generation.

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